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Install Preline UI with Laravel using Tailwind CSS

Setting up Preline UI in a Laravel project using Tailwind CSS.

Quick Laravel setup

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  1. Install Preline UI

    Install preline via npm or yarn.

    // Terminal or Shellnpm install preline // or yarn add preline
  2. Configure Preline UI JavaScript paths

    Add the path to Preline UI JavaScript files in your tailwind.config.js file.

    // tailwind.config.jsmodule.exports = {  content: [      'node_modules/preline/dist/*.js',  ],  plugins: [      require('preline/plugin'),  ],}
  3. Add the Preline UI JavaScript

    Add the Preline UI JavaScript in your app entry point app.js

    // index.jsimport 'preline'
  4. Loading your scripts

    With your Vite entry points configured, you only need reference them in a @vite() Blade directive that you add to the <head> of your application's root template

    <!doctype html><head>    {{-- ... --}}    @vite('resources/js/app.js')</head>