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Getting Started

Preline JavaScript

This page explains how Preline JavaScript works, its methodology, and provides some examples.

Heads up!

For detailed documentation on plugins, please visit the plugins page.

Helper for dynamic added components

Preline JavaScript plugins include autoInit static method, it's useful when you need to reinitialize all elements on the page.


This method can also be used with certain collections of initialized elements.

                  window.HSStaticMethods.autoInit(['carousel', 'dropdown']);

AJAX example:


Usage of static methods inside TypeScript (TS) files

To use static methods inside TS files, it is necessary to declare the interface inside the files where method is called, this will prevent possible warnings and errors.


                  import { IStaticMethods } from "preline/preline";
                  declare global {
                    interface Window {
                      HSStaticMethods: IStaticMethods;



Prevent auto initialize

To prevent an element from auto-initializing, you can add the --prevent-on-load-init CSS class.

This can be useful if you want to initialize elements using an event other than load.