Preline UI Figma - crafted with Tailwind CSS styles

World's largest free Figma design system

Preline UI Figma is the largest free design system for Figma, crafted with Tailwind CSS styles and Preline UI components with extra top-notch additions.



Created adaptable designs with variables - from colors to spacing and border radius.

Figma Tokens

Dark mode

Now available in two colors: Light and Dark.

A system everyone can work on

Variants and Properties

Best-in-class Figma variants allow you to alter certain predefined aspects of single components, to make any variant you like.

Variants and Properties

Grid System

Grid System

Easily find UI elements

Browse dozens of components and drag them into the canvas from the Assets or Resources panel.

Easily find UI elements

Auto layout and constraints

Components structured in a way that can automatically grow to fill or shrink to fit, and adapt to the size of its contents.

Auto layout and constraints

Endles s s s s s s s

Tailwind CSS font

S i z e s

to choose from
Tailwind CSS

Color styles

Tailwind CSS Color styles

Extendable Beyond Imagination

It’s not just a website Preline UI Figma is capable of building - it can be an app, software, visuals or whatever genius idea you can think of.

Extendable Beyond Imagination

Essential components

From charts to navbars, advanced forms, base components and more.


7 components


19 components


185+ components


130+ components


18 components


1700+ components

Button Icons

1700+ components


4 components

27+ more component categories
Figma Charts with Legend Indicator
Figma Datepicker
Figma Advanced Select
Figma Line Chart
Figma Sidebar
Figma Avatar Group
Figma Accordion
Figma Modal
Figma Switch
Figma Table

and more components...


Component categories

From grid layouts to charts, navbars, advanced forms, base components and more.


Components and variants

When it comes to Preline UI components and options, there are no limits.


Predefined examples

Hundreds of component examples for all your website needs.

The Wall of Love

Thoughts from those who've experienced Preline Figma in action.

Vosidiy Muslimbek

Vosidiy Muslimbek

I don't know how to thank for such a good file, It should be paid product actually.

Thabresh Syed

Thabresh Syed

Preline UI is a game-changer for anyone working with UI development! As a fan of open source projects and a lover of efficiency, I couldn't be happier with what Preline UI brings to the table. This set of prebuilt UI components takes the power of the popular Tailwind CSS framework and supercharges it, making the entire UI development process a breeze.

Vitor Machado

Vitor Machado

This is huge! I appreciate so much for the effort, such high quality file! big thanks! Is there a way to support you for your work?




Kevin Fairbanks

Kevin Fairbanks

time saver for sure, beautiful designs wish I discovered sooner



Hi there, I just wanted to say congrats on developing such an excellent Figma design system. I've spent months going around in circles looking for something that is complete and easily nk I've found my foundation. It's really excellent work you've done here. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this.

Wasimul Sami

Wasimul Sami is just amazing. @prelineUI, guys, unbelievably, you made it free. A lot of time saved for you guys. Thanks πŸ™



I am working on my website landing page and prebuilt TailwindCSS UI components from are a lifesaver.

Hillary Onyechekwa

Hillary Onyechekwa

Preline UI is freaking amazing. How is it free again? I'm in love man. 😍

by a Preline UI user

by a Preline UI user

Continue what you're doing. You're such a great help to a lot of developers. Thank you!



Decide to try out @prelineUI on a new @nextjs project and have to say, it's pretty dope. Hooked on day oneπŸ˜„

Avvicy ❙ AI

Avvicy ❙ AI

Combining Tailwind CSS with Preline UI can definitely boost productivity. Preline UI offers additional components and features that can enhance your development process. Give it a try!

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Preline UI Figma is the largest free design system for Figma, crafted with Tailwind CSS styles and Preline UI components with extra top-notch additions.

Any Questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Is Preline UI Figma Free?

Yes, it's free for both commercial and personal use. You may learn more about the terms on the license page.

Is Preline UI available in Sketch or Adobe XD?

Unfortunately, Preline UI Figma will only be available for Figma.

Can I use it for client projects?

Yes, you absolutely can.

How do I update Figma file with the latest version?

You can learn more here.

Is there a dark mode?

Unfortunately, the dark version is currently unavailable.

Is Preline UI Figma built on the latest Figma features?

Of course! It's built with everything that was announced at Config 2022.

What if I have a question and I need help?

See something that doesn't sound right, or perhaps could be done better? - we'd love to discuss it with you.

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