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Basic Forms

Tailwind CSS Select

Select allows users to make a single selection or multiple selections from a list of options.

Attention needed

By default Preline UI uses Tailwind CSS Forms plugin. Don't forget to install it!


Custom styles are limited to the <select>'s initial appearance and cannot modify the <option>s due to browser limitations.

Gray input New

Gray select variant.

Floating label New

Unlike <input>s, they’ll always show the <label> in its floated state. Selects with size and multiple are not supported.


Selects stacked small to large sizes.

Pilled select

Use the .rounded-full utility class to make select circular.


Disabled input.


Basic input example with label.

Hidden label

<label> elements hidden using the .sr-only class

Validation states

It provides valuable, actionable feedback to your users with HTML5 form validation.

Please select a valid state.

Looks good!