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Tailwind CSS Columns

Utilities for controlling the number of columns within an element.

columns-1 columns: 1;
columns-2 columns: 2;
columns-3 columns: 3;
columns-4 columns: 4;
columns-5 columns: 5;
columns-6 columns: 6;
columns-7 columns: 7;
columns-8 columns: 8;
columns-9 columns: 9;
columns-10 columns: 10;
columns-11 columns: 11;
columns-12 columns: 12;
columns-auto columns: auto;
columns-3xs columns: 16rem; /* 256px */
columns-2xs columns: 18rem; /* 288px */
columns-xs columns: 20rem; /* 320px */
columns-sm columns: 24rem; /* 384px */
columns-md columns: 28rem; /* 448px */
columns-lg columns: 32rem; /* 512px */
columns-xl columns: 36rem; /* 576px */
columns-2xl columns: 42rem; /* 672px */
columns-3xl columns: 48rem; /* 768px */
columns-4xl columns: 56rem; /* 896px */
columns-5xl columns: 64rem; /* 1024px */
columns-6xl columns: 72rem; /* 1152px */
columns-7xl columns: 80rem; /* 1280px */

Adding based on column count

Use the columns-{count} utilities to set the number of columns that should be created for the content within an element. The column width will be automatically adjusted to accommodate that number.

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Adding based on column width

Use the columns-{width} utilities to set the ideal column width for the content within an element, with the number of columns (the count) automatically adjusting to accommodate that value.

This "t-shirt" scale is the same as the max-width scale, with the addition of 2xs and 3xs, since smaller columns may be desirable.

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Setting the column gap

To specify the width between columns, you can use the gap-x utilities:

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