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Tailwind CSS Collapse

Toggle the visibility of content.



To get started, install Collapse plugin via npm, else you can skip this step if you are already using Preline UI as a package.

                        npm i @preline/collapse


Click the buttons below to show and hide another element:

Basic usage

Prefer to create your own style? Here is a completely unstylized example.

                        <button type="button" class="hs-collapse-toggle" id="hs-unstyled-collapse" data-hs-collapse="#hs-unstyled-collapse-heading">
                        <div id="hs-unstyled-collapse-heading" class="hs-collapse hidden w-full overflow-hidden transition-[height] duration-300" aria-labelledby="hs-unstyled-collapse">
                          This is a collapse body. It is hidden by default, until the collapse plugin adds the appropriate classes that we use to style each element. These classes control the overall appearance, as well as the showing and hiding via CSS transitions.


Name Description Options Default value
data-hs-collapse Collapse container. Valid selector. string null


Name Description
hs-collapse Collapse container.
hs-collapse-open Collapse open.
hs-collapse-toggle Collapse toggle.


The HSCollapse object is contained within the global window object

Method Description
Public methods
show() Open collapsed item.
hide() Collapse item.
Static methods
HSCollapse.getInstance(target) Returns the element associated to the target.
  • target should be a Node or string (valid selector)
HSCollapse.show(target) Open collapsed item.
HSCollapse.hide(target) Collapse item.

Open item (public method).

                        const collapse = new HSCollapse(document.querySelector('#collapse'));
                        const showBtn = document.querySelector('#show-btn');

                        showBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {

Open item (static method).

                        const showBtn = document.querySelector('#show-btn');

                        showBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {

Open item (mixed).

                        const { element } = HSCollapse.getInstance('#collapse', true);
                        const showBtn = document.querySelector('#show-btn');

                        showBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {


Method Description
on:open Called when any item is opened.
on:hide Called when any item is closed.

Open any item event example.

                        const el = HSCollapse.getInstance('#collapse');

                        el.on('open', (el) => {...});

Demo examples

Looking for prebuilt UI components based on the Tailwind CSS? Preline UI packs hundreds of component examples for all your website needs.

Image Description
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