Last updated: November 21, 2022

This license is between Htmlstream LTD. ( and you. By purchasing or downloading Preline products, you are being bound and agreeing to the below licensing agreement and conditions.

Preline UI Figma

Free for commercial and personal use

The license grants you to use both for commercial and personal projects for free in unlimited End Products with a non-exclusive right to make use of Preline UI Figma you have purchased or downloaded. You may use it for almost any type of End Products such as your personal site, web apps, mobile apps or client projects etc.

Some definitions:

  • End Product is customised implementation of Preline UI Figma.

You are NOT allowed to

You cannot re-distribute Preline UI Figma on its own (as-is) or bundle with other items, even if you modify Preline UI Figma.

Some examples:

  • You cannot re-distribute a Sketch, Adobe XD or any design tool version of Preline UI Figma and making it available for free or for sale.

It forbids you to

  • Hold the authors and license owners liable for damages as Preline UI Figma is provided without warranty.
  • Hold the creators or copyright holders of Htmlstream LTD. ( liable.

Other license terms

  • You are not required to attribute or link to Preline UI Figma but we would highly appreciate any credits and support.
  • If Preline UI Figma contains icons, images, or content sourced from elsewhere under a different license, that item retains its original license.
  • The copyright of the Preline UI Figma is owned by Htmlstream LTD ( You are granted only the permissions described in this license - all other rights are reserved.

Please contact us if the above terms doesn't suit your project(s) or have any license related questions.