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Amanda Harvey

  • Role: Front-End Developer
  • Phone: (892) 312-5483
  • Email:


Sep 4 - Sep 9 Total hours

Mon, 4/9

8:27 -33m under -33m under limit

Tue, 5/9

4:50 -4h 10m under -4h 10m under limit

Wed, 6/9

7:43 -1h 17m under -1h 17m under limit

Thu, 7/9

9:09 +9m over +9m over limit

Fri, 8/9

9:02 +2m over +2m over limit

Sat, 9/9

0:00 0s

Sun, 10/9

2:35 -6h 25m -6h 25m under limit

Total costs


$0.00 USD 12,000 USD

A project-wise breakdown of total spendings complemented by detailed insights.

Project costs

  • B
    BlueVista Innovations $6,810
  • T
    TerraNova Dynamics $1,200
  • L
    Lumen Systems $680

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NexaCore Ventures

Total hours: 6h 30m
Days: 3
Status: Completed

BlueVista Innovations

Total hours: -
Days: -
Status: No status

Quantum Sphere

Total hours: 8h 26m
Days: 7
Status: Active

Lumen Systems

Total hours: 55m
Days: 2
Status: Active

StratoSync Enterprises

Total hours: 9h 12m
Days: 5
Status: Active

TerraNova Dynamics

Total hours: 25h 11m
Days: 9
Status: Completed

EchoFlow Technologies

Total hours: 26m
Days: 1
Status: On hold

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