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Payout methods

Select a default payout method.

  • PayPal
    • 1 business day.content
    • PayPal fees may apply.content
  • Stripe
    • Prepaid debit Mastercard.content
    • 24 hours or less.content
    • Stripe fees may apply.content

Add bank account info

Select a default payout method.

Enter the account holder's name exactly as it appears on bank statements.

Enter the routing number.

Enter the account number. This can usually be found within the account details.

Add the address associated with this account

This is the address the bank of financial institution has on file for this account. It should match recent bank statements.

Payout invoice info

Optional. Information added here, such as your business name, address, Tax ID number, etc. will be included when generating a payout invoice.

Payout history

See the payout history for this store.

Payout method
25 Feb, 2023
**** 7887 Pending $20,390.30
25 Jan, 2023
**** 7887 Paid $939.04
25 Dec, 2022
**** 7887 Paid $16,401.39
25 Nov, 2022
**** 7887 Paid $4,239.19

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